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Spectre Hologram prisms are a fantastic way for any company to showcase their innovative nature and we believe we can be an ideal partner to help make your hologram vision a reality. Below, are some of the products and services that we can offer in conjunction with our wholesale prices of the prisms.

Personalised Presentation Boxes
We can offer personalised presentation boxes for the Spectre prism, this takes the place of our existing packaging and is great for a corporate gift or as part of a promotional campaign. Printing can be on both the outside and/or inside of the box

Personalised Spectre Prisms
Personalised Spectre prisms are a great way to promote your company's website or brand. For instance, a URL can be placed on one side of the prism, directing the user to a website where your personalised video content can showcase a product or service that you offer. The prisms can be personalised with PAD printing or clear label application.

Personalised Video Content
Whether you want your logo or brand to be displayed in a turntable format or go for a more creative and captivating animation, the video creation team at Spectre can provide you with exactly what you need.

Please contact us today and let us know how we can help you!

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